Way back in 2004, one of the violin players in the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra decided that a return to his roots was long overdue. A native of Ardrossan, in Ayrshire, Alastair Savage had grown up as a folk fiddler, famously winning The Double (both the Ayrshire and National sections of the Land O' Burns Scots' Fiddle Competition) in 1986, before going on to study classical playing at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow and then the Royal Academy of Music in London. Alastair heeded the call of the traditional tunes that had started him off as a musician, and, together with his great friends Euan Drysdale and Iain Crawford, The Alastair Savage Trio was born. As well as playing those written by the fiddle greats of yesteryear, Alastair had been writing his own tunes for years, inspired by various experiences and the land and cityscapes around him. He decided to commit some of these tunes to posterity, so the Trio headed up to Dunkeld to record Closer to Home. There's been no looking back since then - appearances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, West End Festival, Celtic Connections, Scots' Fiddle Festival, St Magnus Festival, Glenfinnan Festival and at music clubs all over the country followed, as well as broadcasts on both Radio Scotland and Radio 3. The second album, Fool for a Time, was recorded in 2007, with a third disc, Secrets from the Kitty, released in 2012. Find out more about Alastair, Euan and Iain below!
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The Band
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